Mic incident with Shahbaz Sharif, who is to blame?

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  • What happened?
  • Who is to blame?

Representation of Pakistani leaders and politicians on international platforms is always a hot issue, considering the political whirlwind resulting in the nation’s dwindling stability. Considering the recent events in the country, Shahbaz Sharif has been under the microscopic lens of his followers and people who disagree with his notions and actions. His awkward encounter during his talk with Putin riled up every person who believed to be a part of the scenario.

What happened?

During the meetings on the sidelines of a regional conference in Uzbekistan, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s unsuccessful attempt to put on his headphone provoked Russian President Vladimir Putin to laugh.

The device in Mr. Sharif’s ears fell out when they met in Samarkand for the 22nd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). When it did eventually come, Putin’s laughing could be heard by everyone. Putin’s response was laughter, which made the situation even more uncomfortable. While Vladimir Putin waited for the call to begin, the Prime Minister of Pakistan fidgeted with his headset and ultimately asked one of his aides for help. Putin waited patiently.

Just before they were supposed to start their meeting, it fell out of his ears, and the Russian president chuckled in a tone that could be heard but not seen.

Who is to blame?

The storm took Twitter by all the influential personalities blaming Shahbaz Sharif’s incompetence, talking about how it was an overall embarrassment for the nation. However, if the situation is

examined objectively, it can be realized that this was the fault of the foreign embassy and its poor management. Any event of this high level is managed to the minute details, with timings, technological checks, dry runs, and minute sheets. The falling of the mic was an embarrassment for the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but without any personal bias, it is obvious that it was not his fault.

Any person viewing such moments should keep an open mind and put their knowledge and understanding skills to the test instead of blindly and unfairly following the bandwagon.

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