Maryam Nawaz Inaugurates PML-N Election Campaign with Fiery Okara Rally

In a spirited start to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) election campaign, Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz led a charged rally in Okara, where she launched a scathing critique of the opposition party PTI and its leader, Imran Khan.

The rally, which marks the beginning of PML-N’s electoral efforts, was attended by a large crowd of supporters. Maryam Nawaz, appointed by her father and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif to spearhead the rally, did not hold back in her address, accusing Imran Khan of orchestrating violent attacks on May 9 and mocking the loss of PTI’s electoral symbol, suggesting a “baton” would be more fitting due to their alleged aggressive tactics.

Maryam further labeled PTI as a “terrorist group,” stating that such a party should not be granted an electoral symbol. She continued her verbal onslaught by referencing controversies surrounding stolen watches and petrol bombs, implying a history of misconduct by PTI and its leadership.

The PML-N leader also touched upon the notion of karma, hinting that PTI’s current challenges are a result of their past actions. She dismissed any ideas of revenge from her or her father, instead focusing on the alleged thefts committed by Imran Khan, including items from the Toshakhana.

Maryam Nawaz boldly claimed that the days of manipulating legal outcomes through personal connections were over, urging PTI’s legal team to come to court well-prepared. She also highlighted the exposure of what she described as PTI’s “umpires and forgery,” signaling an end to any undue advantages they may have previously enjoyed.

The rally served not only as a platform for criticism but also as a call to action for PML-N supporters. Maryam Nawaz promised prosperity, reduced inflation, and lower utility bills should the party receive a swift and substantial vote. She emphasized the importance of voting for the lion symbol on February 8, framing it as a step towards national enrichment and a focus on youth and the future.

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