Mark Zuckerberg launches WhatsApp Channels globally

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has announced a major expansion of its WhatsApp Channels feature, making it available in more than 150 countries worldwide. This move aims to increase interaction and engagement across all Meta platforms.

The Broadcast Service 

WhatsApp Channels, often called the broadcast service, will now offer users the opportunity to receive exclusive updates from various individuals, including athletes, thought leaders, and celebrities. This feature is designed to provide users with a unique and personalized experience.

Chats and Channels

WhatsApp Chats and WhatsApp Channels are distinct from one another. In WhatsApp Chats, users engage in one-on-one or group conversations, whereas WhatsApp Channels allow for broadcasting messages to a larger audience. Importantly, followers in WhatsApp Channels cannot see each other's identities, preserving user privacy.

Engaging Features 

To enhance the user experience, WhatsApp Channels will introduce a feature that suggests channels based on their popularity and geographical relevance. This will make it easier for users to discover and follow channels that align with their interests and location. Users can express themselves using emojis when responding to messages in a channel. This feature is expected to add a fun and engaging element to channel conversations.

Global Accessibility

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, this expansion makes the WhatsApp Channels service accessible worldwide. Notably, Pakistan is one of the countries included in this extensive expansion. Previously, WhatsApp Channels were only available in eight countries: Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, and Ukraine. Meta's decision to expand WhatsApp Channels to over 150 countries represents a significant step in the company's efforts to promote interaction and engagement across its platforms.


With constant innovation and expansion, Meta is amplifying its services' reach and striving to create a more dynamic and immersive experience for users worldwide. As WhatsApp Channels continue to evolve, it has the potential to redefine how individuals connect, share, and engage with content, ushering in a new era of interactive communication on a global scale.


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