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Makeup Basics for Beginners | 5 Things You Need to Know Before Applying Makeup

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  • Acne issues
  • Sunblock application
  • Dark skin tones and bright shades
  • Red Lipstick
  • Pricey Make-up

Makeup knowledge and advice can be found anywhere: on social media, from beauty influencers, or even from your friend’s sister. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these suggestions are false. Furthermore, when it comes to cosmetics, you can’t just wing it. Whether you have normal, dry, or sensitive skin, you must be careful that your makeup doesn’t irritate your skin. 

Here’s a list of things that you should know about when it comes to makeup:

Acne issues

Acne can be caused by makeup, but only if it is left on the face for extended periods or if it is not removed at all, even while sleeping. Only a severe allergy to the ingredients in your cosmetics would ever result in acne. Makeup brush cleanliness is another important consideration.

Sunblock application

Wearing sun protection at all times is mandatory. This has been made very obvious by dermatologists, particularly in recent years. When it comes to purchasing sunscreens, there is no room for doubt. Don’t allow misinformation about sunscreen to prevent you from using one.

Dark skin tones and bright shades

There’s a common misconception that women of color shouldn’t wear brightly colored cosmetics. This, however, is completely false. All colors, from bold lips to flushed cheeks, look fabulous on dark skin. You should buy the bright pink lipstick without hesitation!

Red Lipstick

There is an option suited to the needs of each individual. The key is to identify your undertone. Sure, not everyone can pull off a single red hue, but with some knowledge about undertones, you can find the perfect red. Red may vary from a cool blue to a warm orange to a neutral. There is a blue-red family for cool undertones and an orange-red family for those with warm undertones.

Pricey Make-up

There are excellent, awful, and ugly throughout the pricing spectrum. Criticism is essential at this stage. When reviews for a product are conflicting, it’s smart to try the sample size before committing to a complete purchase. Every company, however, has some stinkers among its offerings.

Thus, be smarter with your makeup, and learn to look fabulous by knowing about all the essential details instead of believing lies and misinformed opinions.

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