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Mahrang Baloch: A Tale of Resilience, Activism, and Women’s Leadership in the Baloch Struggle

Within the intricate maze of Mahrang Baloch's life, a compelling story of resilience, activism, and an unwavering quest for justice unfolds. Recently, her journey has gained significant attention due to her personal tragedies and unwavering dedication to the Baloch cause. This has resulted in a remarkable mass mobilisation for rights and justice. This article explores the history of Mahrang, highlighting her ongoing struggle and the significant role she plays in leading a movement that goes beyond geographical boundaries.

A decade ago, Mahrang Baloch embarked on her journey, leaving behind her hometown of Mangochar, Kalat, with an unwavering aspiration to become a doctor. However, she experienced personal tragedies along the way. Her father, Abdul Ghaffar Lango, a nationalist political dissident, experienced forced disappearances in 2006 and 2009. These unfortunate events ultimately led to his extrajudicial killing in 2011. At just 16 years old, Mahrang was faced with the harsh reality of discovering her father's tortured body in Gadani. She persisted in moving forward in spite of these challenges because of the same political awareness that had driven her father's strong convictions.

Mahrang became even more dedicated to the Baloch cause after her brother, Nasir Baloch, was subjected to enforced disappearance for a period of over three months in 2017. In order to prevent the tragic loss of another cherished family member to state violence, she decided to take action on digital platforms. She created a Twitter account and composed her first tweet, advocating for the release of her brother. Since then, Mahrang has emerged as a steadfast advocate against enforced disappearances, state brutality, and the broader problem of Baloch genocide. In her activism, she goes beyond personal issues and focuses on societal problems like the harassment that women students at the University of Balochistan experience.

On December 19, 2023, Mahrang Baloch used Twitter to bring global attention to a significant movement against state barbarism and the Baloch genocide. Thousands of people, spanning over a thousand kilometres from Turbat to Taunsa, took part in this Long March, demonstrating their strong opposition to the atrocities faced by the Baloch people. She passionately implores the world to end its silence and band together in the pursuit of justice with her rallying cry and the hashtag #MarchAgainstBalochGenocide.
Mahrang Baloch's story exemplifies the crucial role that women play in the Baloch struggle for rights and justice. In a society where political activism is frequently viewed with suspicion and where there is a prevailing lack of awareness about human and political rights, women like Mahrang challenge stereotypes. Their resilience, intellect, and commitment serve as catalysts for change as they challenge societal norms and contribute to a future that is more just and equal.

The journey of Mahrang Baloch truly embodies the essence of resilience and activism. The importance of women in the Baloch struggle is highlighted by her leadership in the ongoing mass mobilisation. She is effectively amplifying their voices for justice and rights. Mahrang's unwavering dedication to her cause serves as an inspiration, compelling us to confront injustice and unite in solidarity for a brighter future.

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