Lux Style Awards were criticized for not nominating any female music artist, Deadline was extended!

Following criticism from public figures such as Meesha Shafi and Momina Mustehsan on the fact that the awards did not include any female artists among its music nominees, the organizers of the awards released a statement in which they explained their choice.

The Lux Style Awards (LSAs) have stated in reaction to the criticism they have received for not including female artists among their contenders for the music category. They reasoned that the paucity of contributions from female artists was to blame for their absence on social media, and they offered this explanation. They are a company committed to “empowering female artists across genres,” and the time for submitting portfolios has been extended.

The Lux Style Awards said in a statement uploaded on Instagram on Sunday, 23rd October 2022, that “The Lux Style Awards have a long heritage as Pakistan’s premier and inclusive award celebration.” Since it first aired, the LSA has honored a diverse range of artists working in the entertainment business, but it has done so with an eye on enhancing both the technical aspects of the event and the entire experience it provides to the audience.

The LSAs are also making improvements to their procedures over time, according to the statement, and this year, to increase their openness, they have decided to provide a complete list of all consumer submissions on their website for voting. This decision was made to increase the transparency of the LSAs. Artists were urged to submit their best work for consideration; however, the statement said that women artists did not submit their work.

The musical categories did not do enough to recognize the incredible work that our female artists did. “As an inclusive platform, we are aware of this imbalance and regret that it occurred.” The last year has seen considerable advancements achieved by female performers in Pakistan’s music industry, and the organization that hosts the annual music awards ceremony feels that the event would be lacking something important without their participation.

They stated, “as a company dedicated to promoting female artists across genres, we invite our outstanding female musicians who have delighted us throughout the year to submit submissions for consideration.” “We invite our outstanding female musicians who have delighted us throughout the year to submit submissions for consideration.” 

They also expressed their gratitude to the female artists who had brought this matter to light and announced that the LSA would be extending the entry deadline for “submissions for female, male, or transgender artists across categories” to assist in reducing the gender gap in representation.

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