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Lionel Messi’s top 5 impossible records so far

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  • Top Single Season La Liga Scorer
  • Most Goals for Argentina
  • Most La Liga Hat-Tricks
  • Most European Goals for One Club
  • Most Goals in a Calendar Year
  • Seven Ballon d’Or awards

It would be an understatement to call Lionel Messi a record-breaker. The top player for Barcelona and Argentina is the very definition of a record-breaker. Every time he steps foot on the pitch, Messi is met with roars of approval from his legion of devoted supporters across the globe.

Read on to see the top five records held by Lionel Messi.

Top Single Season La Liga Scorer

In the 2011-12 season of the Spanish La Liga, Lionel Messi amassed 50 goals. Undoubtedly, he was the best football player of the year and earned the golden boot. The record for the highest score ever achieved by a player still holds, and it’s hard to see anybody surpassing that total.

Most Goals for Argentina

Messi has played for Argentina more than anyone else and scored more goals than anyone else in the team’s history. The striker has scored 86 times for his country’s team in all tournaments. Former great Gabriel Batistuta had held the record before with 54 goals. It’s not out of the question that Messi will reach 100 goals.

Most La Liga Hat-Tricks 

When Lionel Messi played in Spain, he dominated the La Liga. The amount of hat tricks he scored is one statistic that provides some indication of his goal-scoring ability. The 34-year-old set a new record with 36 hat tricks in the league, which is unlikely to be surpassed for some time.

Most European Goals for One Club

In the UEFA Champions League, Lionel Messi has been a popular player. He now holds the record for the most goals ever scored in the league for a single team. The forward’s 123-goal total for FC Barcelona is a testament to his dedication to the club. Any athlete would have to do a lot of things right to beat that record.

Most Goals in a Calendar Year

Lionel Messi scored an incredible 91 goals for his club and nation in a single calendar year, making him the all-time leader in that category. Eighty-nine goals were scored for FC Barcelona, with the remaining ten for the national team. The previous high was 85 goals, scored by Gerd Muller in 1972; therefore, this record has a chance to endure the test of time.

Seven Ballon d’Or awards

Lionel Messi’s record of seven Ballon d’Or victories is both the most prestigious and difficult to equal. He won all seven of these awards during his time with FC Barcelona. This gave him a lead of two over Cristiano Ronaldo in the race for the most Ballondors. 

The Argentinian phenom is undoubtedly among the sport’s all-time greats. And though the Argentine’s path to fame has not been smooth, he has ended up at the top of the mountain.

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