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Learning the Craft of Humor from Anwar Masood | A Master Guide

Story Highlights
  • Life Before Stardom
  • Poetic Contribution
  • Contribution To Punjabi
  • Promotion of Urdu

According to Anwar Masood, all it takes is a single powerful couplet to have a more significant impact than an entire presentation. This is particularly true when a renowned poet like Anwar is performing, as he will undoubtedly bring the house down with his trademark brand of witty verse. Masood is skilled in masking serious matters with fun using standard terms and language. 

Let us refresh our memory of him and his unforgettable contributions to the literature:

Life Before Stardom

Although he was born in Gujrat, he spent his formative years in Lahore. He eventually returned to Gujrat, where he enrolled in Zamindara College. In Kunjah, he began his career as a Government Islamia High School teacher. He received his master’s degree in Persian from Oriental College, Lahore, where he was awarded the college’s gold medal. From 1962 through 1996, he worked as a professor at several Pakistani universities.

Poetic Contribution

In addition to Urdu and Punjabi, Anwar is also known for his poetry in Persian. Quetta is the primary form where Anwar Masood expresses his hilarious and sarcastic poetry (four lines poetry). He seamlessly incorporates analogies from ordinary life into his poetry, which is unusual for the writings of an academic. In addition to having official backing and assistance, he is one of the few Punjabi poets who is as well-known as an Urdu poet. The crowd goes wild when Anwar Masood takes the stage and starts to perform his poems. In 1999, Masood was awarded the Pride of Performance and had since won more Writers’ Guild awards.

Contribution To Punjabi

When younger generations in Punjab were showing decreasing interest in the Punjabi language, Anwar Masood’s contributions to contemporary Punjabi poetry are particularly noteworthy. The late great poet Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi was correct when he said that in Anwar, the Punjabi language had found a new patron committed to the survival of the language via his writing. Anwar has produced poetry on almost every imaginable subject. Human nature and psychology, social and political events, the environment, festivals, and culture are just a few of the topics he’s covered.

Promotion of Urdu

Anwar Masood believes that only a country can develop while teaching its citizens a foreign language and hence advocates for education in Urdu. He hopes Urdu will grow and become widely spoken throughout the world. He is aware that teaching in English creates difficulties for students who are not native English speakers, limiting their ability to express themselves.

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