KP SSP Sonia Shamroz Khan Receives ‘Officer of the Year’ Award for Pioneering Policing Strategies

In a remarkable achievement, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sonia Shamroz Khan, serving in Battagram district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was honoured with the prestigious 'Officer of the Year' award by the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) in Auckland, New Zealand. Her recognition stems from her outstanding contributions to policing strategies and preventing violence against women.

Policing Excellence 

SSP Sonia Shamroz Khan's journey to becoming 'Officer of the Year' was marked by her unwavering commitment to excellence in policing. Her tenure as District Police Officer (DPO) in Chitral witnessed proactive efforts to address local social issues. She established a complaint cell to combat forced marriages, empowering women and fostering a safer environment.

Empowering Women 

Sonia Shamroz Khan's remarkable accomplishments extend beyond her official duties. She has been a trailblazer encouraging women to approach the police, breaking traditional barriers. Her empathetic approach and cultural sensitivity have played a pivotal role in building trust within the community. As a result, the number of crime reports related to women's issues in Battagram has seen a significant rise, indicating a growing confidence in the local police force.

Dedication to a Cause 

In an exclusive conversation with Geo News, SSP Sonia Shamroz Khan dedicated her prestigious award to the women who have suffered gender discrimination and to her fellow diligent women police officers who tirelessly work to ensure peace and security in the region. Her dedication underscores her commitment to advancing gender equality and advocating for women's rights in the region.

Inspiration for Future Generations 

SSP Sonia Shamroz Khan's accolade serves as an inspiration for aspiring women in law enforcement. Her remarkable achievements demonstrate that with dedication, empathy, and strategic initiatives, one can break down societal barriers and contribute significantly to improving the safety and security of communities.

SSP Sonia Shamroz Khan's 'Officer of the Year' award from the IAWP is a testament to her exceptional leadership and pioneering efforts in policing strategies and women's empowerment. Her impact extends far beyond her duties, as she inspires positive change and promotes gender equality in the region.


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