Karwa Chauth, a cherished Hindu festival, continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Hindu families living in Pakistan. During our conversation with Mandra, a resident of Karachi, we learned that the celebrations have evolved over the years, The essence of Karwa Chauth remains a symbol of deep love and devotion between married couples, especially among women who observe a day-long fast from sunrise to moonrise.

Preparations for Karwa Chauth

In Pakistan, Karwa Chauth is not celebrated with the same grandeur as in some other Hindu-majority countries, but it is still an important occasion for Hindu families. Mandra mentions that in her community, the festival is no longer marked by elaborate ceremonies and big functions. The focus has shifted towards individual observance, particularly by the women in her family who undertake the fast as a demonstration of their deep love and commitment to their husbands.

The Significance of Karwa Chauth

The fasting observed on Karwa Chauth holds profound significance. Mandra highlights that it symbolizes the unwavering love and dedication that married women have for their husbands. In earlier times, this day was marked by communal gatherings and rituals, but as time has progressed, it has transitioned into a more personal and intimate affair for many families.

Personal Experiences and Family Traditions

Mandra shares a personal tradition from her family, where her mother would fast and dress up in red for her father. This heartfelt gesture exemplifies the enduring connection between married couples and how the festival continues to be meaningful and cherished in a more intimate and familial setting.

The Role of Men

In her community, men's involvement in the observance of Karwa Chauth is somewhat limited, with her uncle fasting for her aunt being one notable exception. Generally, men do not play as active a role in the celebration compared to women, who observe the fast and perform the rituals with deep devotion.

Inclusivity and Influence

Although Karwa Chauth is primarily a Hindu festival, it is recognized and respected by the broader society in Pakistan. Mandra mentions that people from different religious and cultural backgrounds in her area show interest in the festival, often influenced by Bollywood. This acceptance and curiosity about the festival showcase the harmonious coexistence of various communities in Pakistan.

Karwa Chauth in Pakistan

Compared to some Hindu-majority countries, Karwa Chauth in Pakistan may not be celebrated with the same level of extravagance, music, and grand functions. However, the festival's core values and traditions, such as fasting and devotion, remain intact, and it continues to be a significant occasion for married couples, where love, commitment, and togetherness are celebrated in a more intimate and personal manner.


However, Karwa Chauth remains a timeless and cherished tradition in Pakistan's Hindu community, symbolizing love, commitment, and devotion. While the celebrations have evolved and adapted over the years, the festival continues to be a special occasion for families like Mandra's, where the emphasis is on personal observance and the enduring bonds between married couples. In a multicultural and diverse society, the acceptance and curiosity from people of different backgrounds further highlight the beauty of coexistence and mutual respect.

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