Jannat Sy Agy; Where Desire Meets Fire

Geo Entertainment released its much-hyped drama serial on Friday and Fans are loving the show. Jannat sy Agy is directed by Haseeb Hassan and written by Umera Ahmed. This weekly drama series unveils the dark world behind the entertainment industry. Tabassum is a girl who hails from a lower middle class and she is an ardent lover of a morning show host; Jannat Jahan. She yearns to meet her favorite star. She is crazy about this woman and spends most of her day watching her show. She refers to her as ” Jannat Gee” showing her immense love and respect for her favorite celebrity. The whole of her family is aware of Tabassum’s craze including her fiance Farooq. Farooq is a simple man who loves to fulfill all of Tabssums’s desires and loves her unconditionally. 

Despite this theme being touched several times, this drama resonated with the viewers. Both the female leads are strong-headed and the unique storytelling keeps you hooked. The camera angles and the locations are amazing and the revolving camera gives you a pleasant cinematic experience.  Let us check out what are the key features of this drama which is making it an enjoyable watch.

Obsession with the celebrities

In today’s fast-forward world, where you have a phone in your hand and your favorite shows are just a click away, developing an obsession with your favorite actors or celebrities is very much common. However, when this obsession crosses a limit, it becomes unhealthy and toxic. This obsession makes people lose their own personality They love to follow their style, their dressing, and their aura. Since their lives revolve around them, the sole purpose of these people is to meet their favorites or to spend all of their days watching their shows.

Tabssum who is a  lower middle class girl is in the same boat. Being a girl from an entirely different background, she is fascinated by the lavish style of her favorite morning show host, the designer jewelry she wears, and the imported makeup that she uses. Without any doubt, this is quite a realistic portrayal. A common man looks up to a celebrity because on screen he is better than him. Someone with a tanned complexion might like someone with a fair one.  A girl who is deprived of basic necessities of life would idealize her favorite celebrity who gets to go on a foreign tour every month,

All the Glitters are not Gold

The drama touches on the topic of the hypocrisy of these celebrities and shows that most of these famous people are behind a facade when they appear on the screen. Jannat Jahan, who is empathetic and kind-hearted on screen is not the same person behind closed cameras. Her life is a lie and her empathy is fake. She looks forward to stunts that can lead to more pr and ratings of her show. She can go to any extent to make sure her competitors lose. In one of her scenes, she is wearing a snake across her neck and created a sensational morning show.

Attention to the detail

Director Haseeb Hassana has given special detail to attention in every single scene. From morning show billboards to lavish morning show sets, everything makes you belive that you are watching a real morning show. On the other hand, the lower middle class of Tabasuum’s household also shows the nuances; she is studying hard, giving tuitions, and saving money for her brother’s motorbike. Her little sister looks up to her for her paint supplies and her father loves her for giving him a bucket of warm water for a bath. This girl is obsessed with a celebrity but she is not a selfish or arrogant character that makes you lose interest in the series. It’s a journey of self-discovery where Tabassum’s Ideal Jannat Gee will show her the reality of life.

Umera Ahmed’s Writing

 The ever-so-amazing Umera Ahmed has always impressed us with her writings. The witty dialogues and the relatable scenes make her dramas interesting. The scenes are not written haphazardly. Every scene connects to the upcoming scenarios. In one of the scenes, Tabassum is praying and asking Allah to make her meet her favorite show host Jannat Jahan. Cut to the next scene, we see Tabasuum’s aunt reciting Quran and loudly quoting an ayat from Surah Bani Israel ‘‘Beshak Insan Shar ko Kher ki Trah Mangta Hai’‘. This is a subtle hint towards how things will unfold further and how Tabasusm’s unhealthy obsession will make her life miserable.

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