IT Ministry Launches ‘Smartphone For All’ Initiative with Easy Installments

The Federal Minister of IT and Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque has launched the ‘Smartphone For All’ initiative in Islamabad, which will enable low-income people to buy mobile phones via easy installments. The initiative has been launched in collaboration with GSMA, a global association of mobile operators, and KistPay, Pakistan’s fastest-growing installment payment service.

The minister said that the initiative aims to promote digital inclusion and economic growth by making smartphones more accessible and affordable for all citizens. He said that smartphones are essential for accessing various online services, such as education, health, e-commerce, banking, and entertainment.

The ‘Smartphone For All’ initiative will offer interest-free installments for smartphones through KistPay, which is a digital platform that allows users to buy products online and pay later in installments. Users can choose from a range of smartphones from different brands and models, and select an installment plan that suits their budget and needs. The installment plans will range from 3 to 12 months, depending on the price of the smartphone.

The minister said that the initiative will also benefit the mobile phone manufacturing industry, as it will create more demand for smartphones in the country. He said that Pakistan has a huge potential for smartphone penetration, as only 38% of the population currently owns a smartphone, according to GSMA. He said that the initiative will help bridge the digital divide and empower millions of people with access to information and opportunities.

The minister also appreciated the role of GSMA and KistPay in supporting the initiative and providing technical assistance and expertise. He said that GSMA is a key partner of the IT Ministry in implementing various projects related to digital transformation and innovation. He said that KistPay is a pioneer in providing installment payment solutions in Pakistan, and has a network of over 500 online merchants and 200,000 customers.

The ‘Smartphone For All’ initiative is part of the IT Ministry’s vision to make Pakistan a digital nation and enhance its competitiveness in the global market. The minister said that the IT Ministry is working on various initiatives to improve the telecom infrastructure, promote local manufacturing, create digital skills, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. He said that the IT Ministry is committed to creating an enabling environment for the growth of the IT sector and the digital economy.

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