IT Minister Urges Companies to Invest in Pakistani Startups

Umar Saif, the Caretaker Information Technology and Telecommunication Minister in Pakistan, recently addressed an investment conference in Islamabad, shedding light on the immense potential that Pakistani startups offer to global investors. With a favorable time zone and a pool of skilled IT professionals, Pakistan's tech sector is poised for growth.

Pakistan's Strategic Advantages

Minister Umar Saif began his address by highlighting Pakistan's strategic advantages in the IT sector. The country boasts a favorable time zone that allows for efficient collaboration with international partners. Moreover, Pakistan has a wealth of highly skilled IT professionals who are capable of driving innovation and growth in the tech industry.

Government's Commitment to Digitalization

One of the central pillars of Minister Saif's speech was the government's commitment to digitalization. He revealed that the government is actively working on training 200,000 IT professionals across the country. This investment in human capital aims to equip Pakistan's workforce with the skills needed to compete on the global stage.

Supporting Startups: Reducing Risks

Minister Saif emphasized the government's dedication to supporting startups and reducing the risks they face. To achieve this, the government has devised a comprehensive plan to bolster the IT industry. Importantly, Minister Saif assured that there would be no restrictions on dollar transactions for the IT sector, removing potential obstacles to its growth.

Enabling the Youth Workforce

Highlighting the potential of Pakistan's youth, Minister Saif proudly stated that Pakistani youth constitute the second-largest online workforce in the world. To harness this potential, the government is actively working to create an environment that facilitates ease of payment for these young digital professionals.

Attracting Global Investment

Minister Saif's speech underscored the government's efforts to make it possible for global investors to participate in Pakistan's thriving IT sector. These efforts are in line with his longstanding commitment to the growth of Pakistan's IT and startup ecosystem since taking office in the interim government.

Collaboration with the World Bank

Notably, Minister Saif recently held discussions with a delegation from the World Bank to explore shared interests and the "Digital Economy Enhancement Project." This collaboration signifies the government's determination to leverage international expertise and resources to further enhance Pakistan's digital economy.


By facilitating startups, supporting youth employment, and fostering international partnerships, Pakistan is on the path to becoming a tech hub that can rival its global counterparts. As Minister Saif's initiatives gain traction, the future of Pakistan's IT industry looks brighter than ever.

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