Israeli Army Seizes Control of Gaza Parliament Amid Escalating Conflict

The Israeli army has reportedly seized control of the Gaza parliament and other government institutions run by Hamas in Gaza City. This development is part of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has seen a significant escalation in recent weeks.

The Israeli forces have deepened their offensive in the Palestinian territory, with the military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari claiming that Hamas has lost control of northern Gaza. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have reportedly stormed the city from the north and south in coordination with land, air, and sea troops.

The Israeli army’s actions have led to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with thousands of Palestinians fleeing their homes as the bombardment continues. The UN has reported that the pace of civilians fleeing their homes in northern Gaza has increased as Israel’s air strikes and ground invasion have intensified.

The conflict has resulted in a high death toll, with an estimated 10,569 people, 40% of which are children, killed by Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip since the October 7 Hamas attack. Israel has stated that it will not agree to a ceasefire until the 240 hostages taken by Hamas during their attack last month are released.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Israel’s long-term plans for Gaza remain unclear. A senior adviser to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested that the country’s military will maintain a presence in the Gaza Strip after the current conflict ends. However, this has raised concerns about the potential for an extended occupation and further humanitarian issues.

In response to the situation, the international community has expressed concern over the escalating violence and the humanitarian crisis. The UN’s human rights chief has accused both Hamas and Israel of contributing to the worsening situation.

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