Is Ainy Jaffri returning to the screens after four years?

Jaffri, who hasn’t appeared in any films or television shows since 2017’s Ballu Mahi and 2018’s Tajdeed e Wafa, is returning to our screens after a four-year hiatus. Saba Qamar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and Shayan Khan will be co-starring in her next TV program.

Even though she has only done a few projects, Ainy Jaffri has quickly become a rising star in the Pakistani fashion and media sector. Despite being born in Pakistan, she has lived the vast majority of her life outside the country. She was a brilliant student who first got her foundational education in Singapore and then went on to get her master’s and doctoral degrees in Canada at McGill University. Her first soap opera appearance was on GEO TV’s Meri Behan Maya; subsequent appearances were on other networks’ soap operas.

On Wednesday, the actress announced her comeback to the show Mandi by posting a news story from Galaxy Lollywood on her Instagram account. The piece was about her participation in the show. Ainy Jaffri posted a caption expressing her appreciation and excitement for participating in the production. She also said that she would be joining an incredible group of people. After taking a break from performing for the last four years to concentrate on her new baby and her family, she is thrilled and apprehensive about getting back into the industry.

She said that acting was more than a “passing fancy” for her and that she had no plans to give it up in the foreseeable future. From her time away, she has gained the virtues of patience and the important lesson that as a woman and mother, you can’t have it all at once, but you can have it in stages when appropriate. 

Although there isn’t much information about the show yet, it is great for Ainy to be back again.

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