Indian Nationals Illegally Enter Pakistan Seeking Asylum

Two Indian nationals, a father and his son, have fled their home in New Delhi and are now seeking Pakistani citizenship, citing persecution under the leadership of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

70-year-old Muhammad Hasnain and his 31-year-old son, Muhammad Ishaq, arrived in Karachi on September 13. Their journey to Pakistan was far from straightforward. The pair first left India for Dubai and then traveled to Afghanistan. From Kabul, they made their way into Pakistan via Quetta, Balochistan, a passage for which they allegedly paid an agent Rs30,000. Upon their arrival in Pakistan, they then hired a taxi, costing them another Rs50,000, to transport them to Karachi.

Back in Delhi, Hasnain wasn't just any citizen; he was a newspaper publisher. He claims that he faced legal troubles in India, with four cases lodged against him, all attributed to him raising concerns over alleged atrocities against Muslims.

Upon their arrival in Karachi, the father-son duo wasted no time. They promptly appealed to the Pakistani government to grant them citizenship. Their plea emphasizes the distress they felt under Modi's regime and their subsequent lack of options but to flee India.

Interestingly, while their entrance into the country was unauthorised, Karachi's police have shown leniency, allowing Hasnain and Ishaq to reside in the city without facing immediate deportation or legal repercussions.

As of now, the Pakistani government has yet to release an official statement or decision in response to the duo's citizenship request.

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