Imran Khan Lashes Out at Caretakers, ECP, NAB for Victimising him

Former prime minister and PTI founder Imran Khan has alleged that he is facing a political witch-hunt for revealing a secret US plan to oust him from power in 2022. He claimed that he was offered a deal to end all cases against him if he surrendered to the “powers that be”.

Khan made these remarks while talking to reporters at the Adiala jail on Friday, where he appeared for a hearing of the cipher case. The cipher case is based on a confidential diplomatic cable that Khan had shown at a public rally, claiming that it contained evidence of US pressure on Pakistan to remove him from office. Khan is charged with violating the Official Secrets Act and endangering national security by disclosing the cipher.

Khan also expressed his distrust of the caretaker government and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), saying that they were not neutral and were working against his party. He cited the examples of the Toshakhana cases of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, which were closed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), and the nomination papers of his party candidates, which were rejected by the returning officers.

He said that he had been implicated in over 200 criminal cases, which was unprecedented in the country’s history. He said that he was arrested illegally on May 9 and that his party was the most persecuted political force in Pakistan.

He also condemned the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, saying that they were facing genocide and that the world should stand up for their rights.

Khan vowed to continue his struggle for real democracy, which he said was based on providing rights to the weak and bringing the powerful under the law. He said that there was no rule of law in the country and that it was not progressing.

He appealed to the people to vote for his party in the upcoming general elections, which are scheduled for February 8, 2024.

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