How Our World Has Been Affected by Toxins and Pollution? | A Look Into the Facts

Did you know that the amount of toxins in our food is such that the food that comes at the highest level of toxic contaminants in human breast milk? We live in a toxic world; the air is polluted at levels no one ever imagined. Toxic pollution is water, soil, and air contaminated by toxins affecting health. These include poisonous gasses, factories’ heavy metals or chemicals, and power plants’ sewage. 

Synthetic Chemicals 

We use synthetic chemicals in our daily life daily. They are in our food, clothes, furniture, face/body products, and medicines. We know that we need all of these substances, but they harm our lives despite their usefulness. For example, let’s take brominated flame retardants (BFRs), a chemical that makes things more fire-proof, but it’s a neurotoxin- toxic to the brain. Let’s also include poly-fluorinated alkyl (PFAs) substances that accumulate slowly in humans and the environment. This chemical is mainly in water and food packaging, and the impact of this chemical on the human body includes kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid disease, liver damage, and effects that affect fetuses. This affects people in different parts of the world, particularly third-world countries.

People that are affected by toxic pollution

Not everyone is directly affected by toxic pollution; people that live in third-world/under-developed countries are the most affected. These countries do not have the technology and resources to combat pollution and have problems that developed countries do not have. Despite improvements in certain parts of the world, air pollution has worsened. For example, India is amongst those countries that have the worst air pollution problem. Countries with the worst pollution conditions have higher disease rates and death rates.

Deaths related to Toxic Pollution

More than one in seven deaths is related to pollution, affecting 200 million people worldwide. In 2012, 8.4 million people lost their lives in low and middle-income countries due to polluted soil, water, and air. According to research, pollution-related diseases kill people three times more than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis collectively. Richard Fuller has said, “toxic pollution is the biggest cause of death in the world. Yet it is one of the most under-reported and under-funded global problems.” 

 Toxic pollution is one of the worst problems the world has to face; we can only change it together. It requires collaboration among countries, commitment from every community and proper investments. Every country must find the correct balance between economic growth and environmental preservation.

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