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Homework: beneficial or not?

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The effectiveness of requiring students to do homework has been the subject of heated debate for many decades. The purpose of giving students homework is to encourage them to continue their learning outside of the classroom, but, given the nature of the modern world, should this practice still be followed? In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of giving students homework.


Children learn how to prioritize their time and study well

Young people who have practiced effective time management and organized study routines due to homework will be more prepared for high school, college, and workplace challenges. If you get into the habit of doing your homework right away, it won’t seem like extra effort later on. Learning may become more interactive for students.

Students may not fully engage in their studies even after being in class for a whole day. For pupils to better retain information learned during the school day, homework is assigned so that they may review the material on their own time, away from the distractions of their peers.

Accurately tracking student growth is now possible for educators.

One of the benefits of assigning homework is that it helps instructors keep tabs on their students’ learning and helps them identify kids who may be lagging behind the rest of their class because of material difficulties. Submitting homework also teaches students the value of responsibility and perseverance since failure to do so might result in disciplinary action. Meetings between teachers and parents may also be productive if they include homework discussions.


Time spent on homework is time poorly spent

One of the most prevalent criticisms about homework is that it takes away from students’ time with friends and family. The demands of school and potential part-time or seasonal employment for older kids may be difficult to balance. The high school years of 11th and 12th may be particularly challenging, balancing schoolwork and independent study.

Kids are “burned out” by an overwhelming load of schoolwork.

Some youngsters experience burnout well before the challenging later school years because of the difficulty of sitting down to accomplish homework after a long day of school and extracurricular activities. Vacation periods and school breaks are not immune to homework assignments. Some kids are quite stressed out over it, which may lead to other problems, including lack of sleep and other health difficulties.

Very seldom does homework help.

Even while instructors put forth extra effort to offer meaningful homework that would interest your kid, it may not be easy to recognize the value in the assignments your child comes home. Another potential pitfall of homework is that parents are tempted to assist their children with it (sometimes too eagerly), negating whatever educational value it could have. Your kid may be unable to give each assignment the attention it deserves due to the sheer number of assignments sitting on their desk.

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