HEC Launches a National Youth Helpline to Tackle Depression, Suicide, and Other Mental Health Issues Among the Youth

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  • How is counselling beneficial?
  • How is HEC working to aid students?

The life of a teenager may be challenging at times.

When studies, extracurricular activities, and homework are added, it is easy to understand how a teenager may get stressed out. This is especially true when normal teen drama is thrown into the equation. Teenagers are especially prone to various anxiety-related disorders due to the many causes of stress that may be found in their life. This can hurt them. 

How is counseling beneficial?

Mental Health Help is provided

Teens who participate in therapy get the tools they need to handle stress better and take charge of their emotional well-being. Depression, anxiety, rage, and the inability to control them may all be ameliorated by counseling. Because of this, young people acquire the resources they need to avoid harmful behaviors like self-medication and adopt more positive ones.

Guidance is provided to achieve better communication skills.

A therapist may be invaluable in helping adolescents learn to set and maintain appropriate limits in their relationships. Teens develop self-assurance in their social skills and methods for handling challenging interactions. Bullying and other forms of peer pressure may be mitigated using enhanced communication skills.

The feeling of being understood 

Teens benefit from therapy by learning more about themselves and discovering what brings them joy. In addition, kids develop healthy coping mechanisms that may serve them well throughout their lives. Feeling heard and understood brings a tremendous sense of comfort. After only one session, many teenagers report feeling better.

An upsurge of confidence

Adolescents who participate in counseling report increased self-esteem and more independence as a result. Teenagers benefit from increased self-awareness and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. Gaining freedom from one’s parents may be difficult, and a therapist’s perspective can be invaluable in understanding parenting styles, family dynamics, and other obstacles.

Help to achieve academic success.

Teens might benefit from counseling by increasing their drive and gaining clarity about their objectives. Students are more likely to succeed academically when they are motivated by something other than external factors, such as peer pressure or media diversions, and when they have a firm grip on who they are and what drives them.

How is HEC working to aid students?

64% of Pakistan’s population comprises young people who might benefit from emotional and psychological counseling and assistance. Despite widespread access to information and communication technologies, significant mental health problems, such as gender-based discrimination, depression, and anxiety, persist among today’s young. Adolescence is a pivotal time when young people face decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Now more than ever is when they will want assistance.

To offer young people psychological help and counseling as part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has created a toll-free hotline for the National Youth Helpline number 0800-69457.

The hotline will provide a secure and confidential access point to services for coping with adolescent challenges, such as psychiatric counseling, career development, and issues over reproductive health.

This is a huge step in Pakistan in moving forward in terms of the recognition of psychological issues among the youth.

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