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Harmful effects of Blue Light Exposure

If you are continually exposed to excessive blue light, you may show signs of aging sooner than you anticipate. It was found that blue light caused cells to function less effectively than they normally would after exposure. Researchers have shown that extended exposure to the blue light generated by electronic devices such as laptops and TVs accelerates the physiological and psychological deterioration normally associated with aging.

According to a statement released by Dr. Jadwiga Giebultowicz, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University, prolonged exposure to blue light may have adverse effects on human skin, sensory neurons, and other organs if they are exposed to the light for extended periods. He said that his team was the first to demonstrate that exposure to blue light can affect certain chemicals essential to the functioning of cells. Fruit flies were used in this study because of the biological parallels between humans and fruit flies. The fruit flies were then exposed to light from screens, and the study results were published in the journal Frontiers in Aging.

Fruit flies kept in the dark for two weeks aged more quickly than those exposed to light over the same period of time.

According to the results of the experiments, exposure to blue light reduced the activity of the cells. There was an increase in the level of the neurotransmitter succinate, whereas there was a reduction in the level of the neurotransmitter glutamate, which is essential for neuronal transmission.

If your glutamate levels are low, you may have cognitive difficulties. The next step that the group took was to study whether or not limiting one’s exposure to blue light may be an effective anti-aging strategy. 

Giebultowicz hypothesized that with continuous exposure to the intense blue light, the results would become “less remarkable.” The study’s results suggest that avoiding blue light could be a way to slow down the aging process. 

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