‘Halt Modern Genocide in Gaza’: Pakistan’s Plea at UN

The ongoing crisis in Gaza has been a matter of grave concern for the international community. The situation has escalated to a point where it is being referred to as a ‘modern genocide’. Pakistan, being a key player in the Muslim world, has voiced its concerns at the United Nations, calling for an immediate halt to the atrocities in Gaza.

The conflict in Gaza has been marked by a series of horrific events. The blockade imposed by Israel has put aid to Gaza at risk, leading to a potential humanitarian crisis. The World Health Organization has highlighted the increasing mental health needs in the region due to the ongoing conflict. The blockade has led to fuel shortages, threatening to halt lifesaving operations in Gaza’s main hospital. The UN chief, António Guterres, has appealed for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

The situation has been exacerbated by the Israeli bombardment, which has resulted in the death of numerous civilians, including children. The Hamas-run Ministry of Health reports close to 9,488 deaths inside Gaza since October 7, including 3,900 children.

The trauma of survivors and the collective psychological burden brought on by the hostage crisis in which over 220 Israelis and foreign nationals are still being held captive in Gaza has sent mental health needs soaring. The WHO official underscored that the mental health of doctors and nurses in Israel had been strongly affected by survivors’ accounts and the wounds they were treating.

Pakistan, in its address to the UN, has called for an immediate halt to the ‘modern genocide’ in Gaza. It has urged Israel to cease its actions and work towards a peaceful resolution. Pakistan’s stance reflects its commitment to peace and justice, and its unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

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