Google Announces 44500 Scholarships for Pakistanis

Google has announced a commitment to providing 44,500 new Google Career Certificates (GCC) scholarships by the end of 2023 to support Pakistani women and young graduates in gaining access to in-demand digital skills. This initiative builds upon Google’s previous commitment to help create Future Forward Pakistan and will be delivered in partnership with IRM and TechValley.

New Courses Added to Career Certificates Program

In addition to the previously available six courses, Google has added three more courses to its Career Certificates program, including Business Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity. These courses are designed to help Pakistani women and young graduates earn employer-recognized certificates as a way to realize their career ambitions.

Importance of Digital Skills

According to a new study from the Economist, supported by Google, more support is needed to get the most out of Pakistan’s digital workforce. As digital skills become increasingly important, employers’ role will be crucial in providing information about and access to upskilling programs to their existing workforce. More than half of employees (57.3%) consider digital skills the most important to acquire, and 81% of employees agree that digital skills have also helped them gain confidence and improve in other areas like communication, analysis, and critical thinking.

The study also shows that soft skills such as communication and adaptability will be key differentiators for workers to learn due to their wide applicability across diverse job roles and industries. 47% of employees consider soft skills as an important area for upskilling, and 71.4% consider adaptability and flexibility a high priority, and 81.5% report communication as a “must-have” skill.

Government Role

The study also recommends that the government could facilitate a conducive ecosystem by collaborating closely with companies, organizations, and communities to help provide more equal access to upskilling, for example, through incentives and supportive policies.

Empowering Women and Young Graduates

According to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, unemployment rates are higher than average among women and youth. Through initiatives such as Google Career Certificates and scholarships, Google helps create more equal opportunities for people from different groups and backgrounds to gain access to digital skills and job opportunities.

Soft Skills Program for GCC Graduates

In addition to the new scholarships and the three new courses, Google’s partners IRM and TechValley are launching a soft skills program for GCC graduates to create well-rounded professionals ready for the job market. The online program covers critical topics, including Communication Skills, Personal Branding, Time Management, and Critical Thinking. It will take four weeks to complete the program, which also includes practical assignments and homework. The curriculum is designed by Google and will be delivered by IRM and TechValley.


Google’s commitment to providing new scholarships and courses in Pakistan is a positive step towards empowering women and young graduates to gain access to in-demand digital skills and job opportunities. By partnering with organizations such as IRM and TechValley, Google is providing a holistic approach to education. 

Interested individuals can visit their website to learn more about the available programs and apply at:

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