Gaza We are Coming: JI Chief Sirajul Haq Announces to Visit Gaza

Sirajul Haq, the Amir of Jamaat-i-Islami, has declared his intention to travel to the Gaza Strip to assist the Palestinians who are facing Israeli aggression. He made this announcement at a press conference in Lahore on Monday, where he also expressed his party’s ambition to form the next government in Pakistan after winning the elections.

Haq said that the US was opposed to his party’s success because it wanted to install its agents in power. He said that the mainstream political parties were serving the US interests and ignoring the plight of the Palestinians, who were being killed and injured by Israeli bombs and missiles. He said that these parties had failed to represent the sentiments of the Pakistani nation and the Muslim Ummah on the issue of Palestine.

Haq also referred to the Gaza March that he led in Lahore on Sunday, where thousands of people, including women and children, participated to show their solidarity with the Palestinian cause. He said that the Palestinian representative Dr Nawaf al-Takrouri had thanked the JI and the public for their support. He also said that JI vice-emir Liaqat Baloch and secretary general Amirul Azeem had addressed the rally and urged the people to vote for JI in the upcoming elections.

Haq said that the JI wanted to eliminate the influence of the US and its allies in Pakistan and the region. He said that more than four billion people would cast their votes in 76 countries that had scheduled elections next year. He said that he expected free and fair elections in Pakistan in February and hoped that the people would reject the corrupt and incompetent parties.

Haq also criticised the role of the Pakistani government and the Muslim world in the Palestine crisis. He said that Pakistan’s ambassador had not met with the Palestinian leadership in Doha due to fear of the US. He said that no government representative had joined the Gaza March, which showed their indifference. He said that the Muslim rulers had not taken any practical steps to support Gaza and had only issued a weak declaration at the OIC summit. He said that history would remember their cowardice and betrayal of the Palestinian people.

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