G7 Ministers Stress Need for Urgent Action in Gaza

The G7 foreign ministers, in a meeting held in Tokyo, have issued a unified call for a humanitarian pause in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. This call comes amidst an unprecedented escalation in the region, with the United Nations and other international bodies also appealing for a ceasefire.

The G7 ministers, representing the world’s leading industrial democracies, have expressed their support for Israel’s right to self-defense. However, they have also condemned the actions of Hamas and called for the immediate release of all hostages held in the enclave.

Despite the urgent need for a ceasefire, the G7 has refrained from making such a call. Instead, they have emphasized the need for humanitarian pauses to facilitate aid deliveries, civilian movement, and the release of hostages.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has resulted in a significant humanitarian crisis, with more than 10,000 people killed since the siege began. The G7 ministers have stressed the need for urgent action to address this deteriorating situation.

In their statement, the G7 ministers have also expressed their commitment to working with partners to prepare sustainable long-term solutions for Gaza and return to a broader peace process that can lead to a two-state solution.

However, the G7’s rejection of a ceasefire puts the group at odds with its Arab counterparts and a growing number of international voices. This has led to deepening erosion of support for Israel’s military campaign.

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