Funds collected in Imran Khan’s Telethon

On Sunday, former Prime Minister and current Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, staged a third telethon to raise funds for individuals affected by the recent flooding. More than 114 crores of rupees were promised.

For the third time, he served as the presenter of a live telethon during which individuals from all over the globe, most notably Pakistanis residing in other countries and Pakistani nationals at home, contributed money.

During his speech during the telethon, Imran Khan assured the crowd that the money would be distributed transparently, the same as how his government handled things during the Covid-19 epidemic.

He said that in the whole annals of the nation’s past, there had never been a time when Rs 10 billion had been raised in just five hours. He pointed out that the period of reconstruction and rehabilitation will be the most challenging portion of the process.

Sania Nishtar, a senior PTI politician, provided an update on the donations gathered during the previous two telethons, saying that a total of Rs 11.2 billion had been pledged, with a total of Rs 3.2 billion deposited into the accounts. She said that $18.8 million is being sent by contributors through credit cards, but there are now technical challenges; once these are resolved, the whole money will be deposited in the accounts. According to what she indicated, all of the money goes straight into the bank accounts of the governors.

After performing a survey in flood-affected regions, she added that a method is being established to spend the money transparently.

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