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Free Body Massage and Tea for Air Travelers at Islamabad Airport

Traveling by air can be stressful and tiring, especially during the busy holiday season. But passengers flying from Islamabad Airport can now enjoy some pampering and relaxation before boarding their flights, thanks to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA).

The PCAA has introduced free body massage sofa chairs and tea stalls at both domestic and international lounges of Islamabad Airport, as part of its efforts to enhance the travel experience and well-being of air passengers.

The body massage sofa chairs are designed to provide a soothing and rejuvenating experience for travelers, who can choose from different massage modes and intensity levels. The chairs are equipped with sensors that detect the body shape and pressure points of the user, and adjust the massage accordingly.

Unlike other international airports, where such services are usually charged, the body massage sofa chairs at Islamabad Airport are completely free of charge, offering a delightful respite for travelers.

The PCAA has also set up tea stalls at the airport lounges, where passengers can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea while waiting for their flights. The tea stalls offer a variety of flavors and blends, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of travelers.

The tea stalls are also complimentary, adding an extra layer of warmth and hospitality to the travel experience.

The PCAA spokesperson said that these innovative features are part of the ongoing initiatives by the authority to improve the travel facilities and amenities at Islamabad Airport. He said that the PCAA is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of air passengers, and making air travel not only efficient but also comfortable and enjoyable for everyone passing through the country’s airports.

He added that these initiatives are just the beginning, and the PCAA has more plans to introduce new and exciting services and features at Islamabad Airport in the near future.

The PCAA’s efforts to elevate the travel experience at Islamabad Airport have been appreciated by the passengers, who have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the free body massage and tea services.

Many passengers have shared their positive feedback and experiences on social media, praising the PCAA for its customer-oriented approach and care.

Some passengers have even said that they would prefer to fly from Islamabad Airport over other airports, because of the relaxing and hospitable environment.

The PCAA hopes that the free body massage and tea services will not only benefit the passengers, but also boost the image and reputation of Islamabad Airport, and attract more travelers and airlines to the country’s capital.

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