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Football in Pakistan: Failing to Tap into the Country’s Potential

Football is the most popular sport globally, too, by some margin. Pakistan is no different, with the country chock full of people who are crazy for the beautiful game. However, the state of Pakistani football is nothing short of miserable. Despite being the country where footballs for the biggest tournaments on earth are manufactured, the game of football has failed to succeed at a national level. This article will explore the reasons behind this failure and critically analyze what it means for Pakistan.

The Internal Politics of the PFF

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has been plagued by internal politics, which has resulted in a long-standing power struggle between two factions. Last year, FIFA suspended Pakistan’s membership due to ‘third-party interference’ and a ‘hostile takeover.’ This move came after the PFF President was removed by a court order, which led to his supporters forming their own parallel body.

The suspension meant that Pakistan’s national team, clubs, and referees could not participate in international competitions. Although the ban has been lifted as of 2022, the internal politics within the PFF continue to hamper the progress of football in Pakistan. The power struggle between the two factions has led to a lack of investment in the game’s development, adversely affecting the national team’s performance.

Potential for Football Talent in Pakistan

Despite the current state of football in Pakistan, it is not for lack of talent. Lyari in Karachi has produced several celebrated footballers over the years, and Balochistan also has many talented football players. These players, if nurtured and trained professionally, have the potential to win laurels for the country and perform at an international level.

However, the missing elements are exposure, sustained training, and any competent structure for the young talents to enroll in. These skilled players need competitive exposure to cross over to the next category, but unfortunately, this is not available. Without proper training, exposure, and more grassroots development programs, these talented players cannot showcase their skills on the international stage.

The Core Issue 

The football failure in Pakistan is an issue for the sports department but speaks to a deeper issue. Football is not just a sport; it is the most popular sport in the world, with a huge following in Pakistan. The Pakistani government’s inability to assert any sort of international presence is a reflection of the country’s overall state. The internal politics and lack of investment in sports indicate a broader corruption problem and lack of commitment to progress. The same problem plagues almost every body of authority in Pakistan: corruption and incompetence. 

The history of Pakistani football has been a legacy of failure, and it is high time for the authorities to take action. The potential for football talent in Pakistan is enormous, but it needs to be nurtured and trained professionally. With the right development programs, it’s almost assured that we will produce football players that can play for the best clubs in the world. It’s just a matter of commitment.

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