Flood Relief Donation Initiative by Pakistani Brands

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  • Mohsin Naveed Ranjha
  • B&B Derma
  • Zayfied Cosmetics
  • Esfir Jewels

As a result of the extensive flooding that has occurred throughout Pakistan, the local populace has banded together to provide whatever support they can. Following the example of celebrities, influencers, and content producers who utilized their platforms to benefit those in need, several businesses have shown their support by donating a part of their sales to those whose lives have been upended by the flooding.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

The most recent advertising campaign for the designer featured Syra Yousuf. However, the most exciting aspect is that he announced that all of the money gained from sales of his Zarlish brand would be given to the Bibi Munazza Foundation. This would allow them to continue their important work. The corporation has already begun assisting individuals impacted by the floods and announced the previous month that they had delivered their first batch of goods to the inhabitants of Lasbella, located in Balochistan. There will still be more shipments arriving shortly.

The designer conveyed their appreciation to those who had contributed and encouraged others to follow in their footsteps.

B&B Derma

A skincare firm called B&B Derma penned a statement in which it thanked its clients for providing food and shelter to several persons who had been left without either of these necessities. In addition, they said that 10% of all profits would be contributed to people whose lives had been altered by the storm.

Zayfied Cosmetics

The cosmetics business Zayfied has decided to contribute 10% of its revenues to relief efforts for the recent flooding. According to their statement, over the next two weeks, one hundred percent of the revenues from online sales will be donated to people devastated by the floods. Similarly, the company has endorsed reliable charitable organizations that its clients may securely support via financial contributions.

Esfir Jewels

In light of the flooding, the brand stated on Instagram that they would be postponing their upcoming launch with author Mahvish Ahmad. They also disclosed that 10% of this month’s revenues would be contributed to relief efforts for those affected by the disaster.

The actions of these brands have an inspiring effect on the people they influence and also humanize their presence in the media.  

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