Flood alert issued in Punjab as India releases water into River Sutlej

Pakistan’s Provincial Disaster Management Authority has issued a flood warning in the Ravi Sutlej region as India continues to release water into Pakistan. Major rivers in Pakistan face the imminent threat of rising water levels, prompting authorities to issue a high alert. The Meteorological Office has also predicted additional rains from July 13 to 17 in Pakistan’s upper and central parts.

Rising Water Levels and Impending Danger:

With India releasing water into the River Sutlej following deadly torrential monsoon rains, the threat of rising water levels looms large in Pakistan. Media reports indicate that over 169,000 cusecs of water have already flowed into Pakistan, posing a potential risk to rivers and adjacent areas. The increasing water inflow, coupled with the forecast of the monsoon spell, raises concerns about the possibility of widespread flooding in vulnerable regions.

Preparedness and Evacuation Measures:

Responding to the looming flood threat, all relevant departments have been instructed to make necessary arrangements, including evacuating residents from low-lying areas. The authorities understand the urgency of the situation and are working diligently to ensure the population’s safety. Evacuation plans, emergency shelters, and relief measures are being put in place to mitigate the impact of potential flooding and support affected communities.

India’s Role in the Situation:

The water release from India results from heavy rainfall within its territory, causing an overflow into the downstream areas of Pakistan. As the water travels through the River Sutlej, concerns are mounting about its impact on Pakistani regions, especially after recent devastating floods that claimed numerous lives. The cross-border water flow requires close coordination between the two countries to minimize the potential damage and protect the lives and livelihoods of those living in vulnerable areas.

Medium-Level Flood Warning:

Pakistan’s top disaster management authority has warned about a medium-level flood expected to soon reach Ganda Singhwala village in Kasur district. This alert underscores the urgency for immediate action and preparedness in the affected areas. Local authorities are working with disaster management agencies to disseminate information, mobilize resources, and implement evacuation plans effectively. 

Effective coordination with India is crucial to manage the situation and minimize the impact on lives and infrastructure. Through preparedness, timely communication, and collaborative efforts, Pakistan aims to safeguard its citizens and mitigate the potential damages caused by rising water levels.

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