FFC Donates 101 new houses to flood victims

In a significant step towards rehabilitating the flood victims in the Rajanpur district, the keys to 100 new houses were recently handed over to the affected families. The Commissioner of Dera Ghazi Khan, Dr. Nasir Mehmood Bashir, led the key handover ceremony, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Nasir Baloch and Chaudhry Muhammad Akhtar, the chairman of Social Organisation Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust. The construction of these houses in the Chak Babil area was made possible through the support of the social organization, aiming to facilitate the resettlement of the flood victims.

Key Handover Ceremony

The key handover ceremony was organized to mark the completion of the housing project and provide the flood victims with new homes. Dera Ghazi Khan Commissioner Dr. Nasir Mehmood Bashir and other officials presented the keys and allotment certificates to the affected families during the ceremony. This event served as a moment of hope and relief for those who had suffered the devastating consequences of the floods.

Construction Efforts and Support

The construction of the houses in the Chak Babil area of the Rajanpur district was made possible through the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. The Social Organisation Kashmir, Orphan Relief Trust, was pivotal in supporting the construction project and facilitating resettlement. Their commitment to assisting the flood victims and their dedication to improving the lives of the affected families deserve recognition and appreciation.

Inspection of Under-Construction Civil Secretariat

In another development, Additional South Punjab Secretary Muhammad Farooq Dogar visited the under-construction Civil Secretariat in Mati Tal, Multan. His visit aimed to assess the project’s progress and ensure its timely completion. During the inspection, Dogar reviewed various blocks of the building, government officers’ residences, and the ongoing work on the road network, sewerage, and electrification.

Timely Completion of the Project

To expedite the completion of the Civil Secretariat project, the Infrastructure Development Authority of Punjab (IDAP) was instructed to complete two blocks of the secretariat by June 30. Emphasizing the project’s urgency, Dogar urged the IDAP to expedite the civil work for the entire building. The additional chief secretary of South Punjab has expressed a strong desire to promptly finish the project, and following his instructions, the planning for relocating two administrative departments to the Civil Secretariat in July has been finalized.


The key handover ceremony in Dera Ghazi Khan, where 100 new houses were presented to the flood victims from the Rajanpur district, signifies a significant step forward in rehabilitating those affected by the devastating floods. These initiatives underscore the importance of collaborative efforts and proactive measures in addressing the challenges faced by communities affected by natural disasters and working toward their recovery and long-term well-being.

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