Discounted tickets to China by PIA

PIA is pleased to announce that it currently offers China discounted fares.

On Wednesday, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced that it would instantly reduce travel fares from Islamabad to China by 10% to better assist consumers. 

Additionally, the national airline provides students traveling to China with a significant discount of 22% on their tickets. According to a spokeswoman for PIA, the service is not provided anywhere else outside the places owned by the firm.

The official also said that the student weight restriction, which had previously been set at 40 kilograms, had been extended to 80 kilograms. He stated that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had two weekly flights to Chengdu and Xi’an in China.

As a direct consequence of the harsh COVID-19 limitations imposed by the Chinese government, the majority of airlines have increased their charges for travel to China. Because of their decision, things are now more costly for the students.

However, if the students are inquired, they would report that a one-way ticket on Pakistan International Airlines to China costs Rs0.5 million. It is widely held that many students would have significant academic setbacks if sent to China due to the prohibitively high expense of doing so.

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