Digital E-commerce Summit by Enablers in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s top leaders and experts in e-commerce, freelancing, and information technology convened at the Enablers’ Pakistan Digital e-commerce Summit, held at Jinnah Convention Center. It was a chance to reach out to a large audience, share insights, and build relationships with 5,000 attendees, not to mention raise capital for businesses and startups. President Arif Alvi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, along with other prominent Pakistani trainers and lecturers, was the event’s keynote guest.

What was discussed?

Mr. Arif Alvi has a profound understanding of information technology and is steadfast in his support for the increased use of cutting-edge technologies. Once again, he emphasized the significance of providing the next generation with cutting-edge education to propel society’s progression. The audience and the panelists joined together to discuss ways in which the situation of women in Pakistan might be improved, how money could be raised for deserving candidates, and how the most serious issues confronting Pakistan’s business sector could be addressed.

The future of e-commerce in Pakistan was another topic that industry experts discussed. They discovered new patterns and imagined the sector’s potential due to their efforts. According to Saqib Azhar (the guiding spirit of The Enablers), young Pakistanis have a great deal of potential that has not yet been fully realized. They need some aid and encouragement from the government, which should supply it.

What is the takeaway? 

The government should reevaluate its tax policy because it is an urgent public concern. Since this industry is Pakistan’s market that is expanding at the quickest rate, public servants working for the government ought to provide as much assistance as possible to the general populace, especially considering that Pakistan has established plenty of world records that are singular to the country. If the government starts to prioritize this business, it will be able to generate enough money through freelancing and e-commerce to help ease the country’s economic troubles. If the government does not start to prioritize this industry, it will not be able to earn enough money.

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