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Cricket Legend Miandad Offers Expertise to New PCB Chief

In a significant development for Pakistan cricket, legendary cricketer Javed Miandad has pledged his support to the newly appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Mohsin Naqvi. The former captain has offered his services for the betterment of the sport in the country, marking a new era of collaboration and development in Pakistan cricket.

Miandad, who is revered as a cricket legend, met with Naqvi to discuss the future of cricket in Pakistan. During the meeting, Miandad congratulated Naqvi on his appointment as the PCB chairman and expressed his willingness to contribute to the development of the sport. “My services are available for the improvement of cricket,” Miandad stated.

Naqvi, who was elected unopposed as the PCB chairman for the next three years on February 6, welcomed Miandad’s offer. Recognizing Miandad’s expertise and contribution to the sport, Naqvi said, “Miandad is a cricket legend, and I want to derive benefit from his expertise.”

The PCB chief also emphasized his belief in teamwork and shared his vision for restoring the Pakistani team’s original position in international cricket. “Consultation is being done to strengthen the Pakistani team. Domestic cricket will be promoted so that good players come forward,” Naqvi said.

The meeting also saw Miandad congratulating Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Naqvi on the successful inauguration of the Pakistan Super League 9 in Lahore. He expressed hope that the PCB chief would take Pakistan cricket to new heights.

Naqvi is the 37th chairman of the cricket board, succeeding Zaka Ashraf, the former chairman of the PCB Management Committee, in the Board of Governors (BoG). PCB’s Chief Election Commissioner Shah Khawar confirmed Naqvi’s appointment, stating that there is no legal or constitutional restriction preventing him from assuming the chairman’s role immediately.

This collaboration between Miandad and Naqvi signifies a promising future for Pakistan cricket, with a focus on teamwork, player development, and the promotion of domestic cricket.

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