Coke Studio 15: To Stream or Not to Stream Amidst Boycott Calls

As the 15th season of Coke Studio, Pakistan’s most cherished music platform, unfolds, fans are wrestling with a critical question: should they boycott the show or continue their support? This dilemma stems from the intricate geopolitical situation that the music platform finds itself in.

Coca Cola, the brand associated with Coke Studio, has been under the scanner for boycott calls, particularly after Israel initiated its military offensive in Gaza. These calls for boycott have resonated strongly in Pakistan, where local brands have witnessed an unprecedented surge in support amidst pro-Palestine boycotts. Despite Coca Cola not being on the official Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions list, the intense sentiments in Pakistan have led to widespread calls to avoid almost all foreign-linked products.

However, Coke Studio stands as a brand of its own, deeply rooted in Pakistani culture. It has been instrumental in launching the careers of numerous young artists and catapulting some to international fame. The platform’s contribution to Pakistan’s music industry is unparalleled, and it has been commended for promoting cultural diplomacy and transculturalism.

The recent release of Coke Studio 15 has put fans in a predicament – whether to stream the songs produced by their beloved platform or not. The season was released on April 14, following a delay of about six months without any promotions or explanations for its overdue return. The producer of the season, Xulfi, announced its return on Instagram without addressing the reasons for the delay.

Coke Studio, once hailed as Pakistan’s most significant cultural export, is now at a crossroads. It has been a platform that has not only launched careers but also fostered a sense of shared identity and unity through music. With over 24 million subscribers and over 5 billion views on digital platforms, it has bridged barriers and nurtured culture within South Asia.

However, the current geopolitical situation and the calls for boycott have put the platform and its fans in a difficult position. As the new season unfolds, it remains to be seen how Coke Studio navigates through these challenging times while continuing to celebrate the power of music and art.

In essence, the question remains: Is it possible to minus Coke from Coke Studio? As the 15th season progresses, this question continues to echo in the minds of fans across Pakistan and beyond. The answer, however, is not straightforward and is entangled in the complex web of geopolitics and cultural identity.

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