Coca Cola Launches New Flavour ‘Y3000’ Using AI

In a bold move that blurs the lines between technology and taste, Coca-Cola has invited fans to embark on a futuristic journey with its limited-edition beverage, Coca-Cola® Y3000 Zero Sugar. This innovative soda was not just created with the human touch but also with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Co-Creation of Y3000

Coca-Cola's Y3000 Zero Sugar is a result of a unique collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence. The company tapped into the emotions, aspirations, colors, and flavors that fans worldwide associate with the future. These invaluable insights, coupled with the power of AI, served as the foundation for crafting the distinctive taste of Y3000. Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, emphasizes the company's desire to remain relevant for centuries to come and the need to imagine what a Coke from the year 3000 might taste like.

Futuristic Visual Identity

Not only does Y3000 promise a futuristic taste, but its visual identity also embodies optimism and innovation. Created with the assistance of artificial intelligence, the design showcases liquid in a constantly evolving state, symbolizing a positive future. The color palette and the iconic Spencerian Script, with its connected matrix and fluid dot clusters, represents the human connections of the future.

 The Coca-Cola Creations Hub

Consumers can take their Y3000 experience to the next level by scanning an on-pack QR code to access the Coca-Cola Creations Hub. Here, they can use the custom Y3000 AI Cam to visualize how their current reality might look in the future, adding a touch of augmented reality to their Coca-Cola experience.

Y3000 Capsule Collection

Coca-Cola is taking the futuristic fun into the real world with the Y3000 Capsule Collection, a collaboration with the genre-defying fashion brand AMBUSH®. This limited-edition line of apparel and accessories inspired by the future will be available this fall, offering consumers a chance to wear their vision of tomorrow.

Limited-Edition Availability

While Y3000 Zero Sugar is a drink from the future, it will be available for a limited time in select markets, including the United States, Canada, China, Europe, and Africa. Consumers in the United States and Canada can also experience an original taste version of Coca-Cola® Y3000.


With the launch of Coca-Cola® Y3000 Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola has once again proven its commitment to innovation and engaging with its fans on a whole new level. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and creativity, Coca-Cola is taking a bold step towards shaping the future of the beverage industry. As we sip on Y3000, we not only taste the future but also witness the magic of human-AI collaboration, reminding us that the ordinary can indeed become extraordinary.


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