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Coach Gary Kirsten’s Report Sheds Light on Pakistan’s Poor Performance, Fitness Issues and Lack of Unity

Pakistan's disappointing run in the T20 World Cup 2024 has prompted a critical review from the team's white-ball coach, Gary Kirsten. His confidential report, now with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), pinpoints key issues that led to the team's early exit from the tournament. According to sources, PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi is now assessing the document, which highlights major concerns regarding players' fitness, discipline, and game awareness.

The Green Shirts' journey in the World Cup was cut short when they failed to advance to the Super Eight stage. An unexpected loss to the United States and a subsequent defeat against arch-rivals India were pivotal in their early elimination. Although Pakistan managed to secure wins against Canada and Ireland, these victories were insufficient to move forward in the tournament.

The team's poor performance has not gone unnoticed by fans and former cricketers, sparking widespread criticism. This backlash has led the PCB to consider significant changes, including a review of players' central contracts. However, any final decisions will be made after considering Kirsten's report and input from senior manager Wahab Riaz.

Kirsten's report, according to sources, expresses serious concerns about the players' fitness levels, which he deems below international standards. In a discussion with the team after their World Cup exit, Kirsten noted that the players' skills are lagging compared to other teams. He emphasized the importance of unity, fitness, and skill improvement, suggesting that only those who meet these criteria will be part of the team in the future.

The PCB chief plans to consult other board officials and former cricketers before making decisions about the team's future direction. This collaborative approach aims to ensure that any changes are well-informed and effective in addressing the team's shortcomings.

Wicketkeeper-batter Mohammad Rizwan has also acknowledged the team's failures. Speaking to the media in Peshawar, Rizwan admitted that the criticism from fans and former players is justified. He highlighted the need for the team to face criticism constructively and use it as motivation to improve.

"We are disappointed with our performance in the T20 World Cup. There are multiple reasons behind our losses. When a team loses, one can’t say that bowling and batting is doing well," Rizwan said.

The culmination of the T20 World Cup saw India emerge as champions, defeating South Africa in a thrilling final by seven runs in Barbados. This victory marks India's second T20 World Cup title, their first being in 2007 when they defeated Pakistan in the final.

Pakistan has already qualified for the next edition of the T20 World Cup, set to be held in 2026 in India and Sri Lanka. The team secured their spot based on their seventh-place ranking in the ICC T20I standings. This future opportunity provides a chance for Pakistan to regroup and address the issues highlighted in Kirsten's report.

The Pakistan cricket team's performance in the T20 World Cup 2024 has prompted significant introspection and criticism. Coach Gary Kirsten's report has shed light on critical areas needing improvement, and the PCB is taking a thorough approach to ensure the team's future success. By focusing on fitness, unity, and skill development, Pakistan aims to rebuild and compete at the highest level in upcoming tournaments.

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