Child Deaths in Gaza Surpassed Yemen and Syria in My Tenure, Says UN chief

At the press conference, Secretary-General António Guterres eloquently addressed a crucial question regarding the latest emissions report. With utmost sincerity, he emphasised the profound impact of the current war in Gaza on innocent lives, particularly the heart-wrenching loss of thousands of children. In a thought-provoking comparison, he shed light on the stark contrast between the hundreds of child deaths witnessed in conflicts in Yemen and Syria. Secretary-General Guterres' words serve as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for global attention and action to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Step into the world of truth and compassion, where the figures released by the esteemed health ministry in Gaza, hailed by UN agencies as the epitome of reliability, take centre stage. Amidst this delicate topic,the undeniable fact that in a mere matter of weeks, a heartbreaking multitude of innocent children have tragically lost their lives.
Discover the shocking truth revealed by health authorities – a staggering number of over 13,000 innocent civilians have tragically lost their lives in the enclave. This devastating toll is a direct result of the horrific terror attacks unleashed by Hamas on 7 October, followed by a relentless Israeli offensive. Prepare to be astounded as we bear witness to a heart-wrenching tragedy of unparalleled magnitude. Never before in the annals of conflict, during my tenure as Secretary-General, have we encountered such a devastating loss of innocent lives.

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