Caretaker Government to Deport Over 1.1 Million Illegal Immigrants

In a significant move, the caretaker government of Pakistan, led by Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, has announced its decision to expel over 1.1 million foreigners residing illegally in the country. This decision is part of a broader plan to address security concerns and combat illegal activities such as smuggling and terror financing.

The government's plan will be executed in three phases. In the first phase, illegal residents and those not renew their visas will be deported. The second and third phases will see the deportation of those living in Pakistan with Afghan citizenship and those possessing proof of residence cards, respectively.

A source close to the development stated that these "illegally resident foreigners pose a serious threat to the security of Pakistan". The source further revealed that the plan for the eviction of illegally residing Afghan citizens has been approved, as this group is involved in funding, facilitating, and smuggling terrorists. As per Interior Ministry, around 700,000 Afghans have not renewed their proof of residence in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Interior has prepared a plan in consultation with the stakeholders and the Afghan government. As part of this plan, directives have been issued to compile a record of Afghans living without permits and to prepare a transportation plan to bring them to the Afghan border.

Last week, Geo News reported that the government would soon announce a one-month deadline for all illegal foreign immigrants, including Afghans, to leave the country or face the consequences. After the one-month deadline, law enforcement agencies will launch a major countrywide crackdown to identify and deport such illegal immigrants.

The decision at the highest level has already been taken not to let Pakistan become a haven for illegal immigrants. Many of these immigrants are involved in criminal activities and are part of the smuggling mafia. Authorities have already arrested many illegal Afghan immigrants doing illegal dollar trade at the cost of the country's economy.

According to the Interior Minister, it's reported that Pakistan is currently home to about 1.1 million Afghans who are living there without proper documentation. This includes around 400,000 Afghans who have crossed into Pakistan since the Afghan Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in August 2021. In addition, there are approximately 700,000 other Afghans who have been residing in Pakistan without legal status.


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