Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa’s Confidential Discussion Leaked, Stirring Controversy

A leaked audio clip has surfaced online, in which Bushra Bibi, the wife of jailed PTI Chairman Imran Khan, is heard discussing an incident involving Khan’s sisters and his lawyer Latif Khosa.

The audio clip suggests a possible discord within the family, as Khan faces multiple legal challenges and remains in custody.

In the audio, Bushra Bibi talks about her concerns for Khan’s safety, especially the fear of poisoning when he was held in Attock jail in August. She had previously written a letter to the Punjab home secretary expressing these concerns and seeking better security arrangements for her husband.

She also reveals that she had informed Khan’s sisters about her decision to engage Khosa as her lawyer, and that all her cases would now be handled by him.

However, she says that Khan’s sisters accused Khosa of misbehavior during a meeting at his office, where they objected to including the poisoning claim in the petition filed in the Islamabad High Court.

Bushra Bibi says that she preferred to avoid any argument with them, but she asserts her choice of Khosa as her lawyer, saying that he is the best person to defend Khan.

Khosa, responding to the leaked audio, expresses his displeasure and calls it a private conversation between a client and a lawyer.

He condemns the leak and says that those responsible should feel ashamed. He questions the ethics of leaking private conversations and calls for the individuals behind the leak to come forward.

He also says that Justice Babar Sattar has ordered an investigation to identify the source of the audio leaks, and urges those leaking such personal audios to present themselves before the court.

The audio leak comes at a time when Khan is facing several legal battles, including the cipher case, the toshakhana case, and the foreign funding case.

He was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison in the cipher case on August 5, but his conviction was suspended by the Islamabad High Court on August 29.

He was also barred from contesting elections for five years by the Election Commission of Pakistan on August 8, but he challenged the decision in the Supreme Court.

He is also seeking bail in the toshakhana case, in which he is accused of illegally selling state gifts during his tenure as prime minister from 2018-22.

The audio leak has sparked a debate on social media, with some users supporting Bushra Bibi and Khosa, and others criticizing them for their alleged role in Khan’s downfall.

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