Barzakh Trailer Unveils Supernatural Family Drama Starring Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed

The wait is finally over as the trailer for Barzakh, featuring the stellar duo Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed, is now out, and it’s nothing short of spooky. Set against the stunning Hunza Valley, the trailer promises a captivating blend of magical realism and supernatural fantasy.

Directed by Asim Abbasi, known for his work on Churails and Cake, Barzakh offers a unique narrative set in a family reunion. The trailer opens with a haunting scene where a 76-year-old man shocks his estranged family by announcing his marriage to the ghost of his first love. This revelation sets the stage for emotional confrontations and unexpected revelations.

The trailer intricately weaves folklore and mystical elements with the breathtaking scenery of the Hunza Valley. Viewers are introduced to a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and everyone is interconnected in this mystical narrative. As the story unfolds, a poignant question emerges: “When all has withered, will love endure?”

The term Barzakh, meaning barrier or hindrance in Arabic, is central to the story, reflecting the elderly man's desire to reunite with his lost love. The trailer features cult-like imagery with people in pink performing rituals, hinting at the occult. Sanam Saeed’s character encounters a figure enshrouded in red against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

Juxtaposing bright daytime scenes showcasing the beauty of Hunza Valley with darker, sinister moments, the trailer creates a chilling ambiance. The contrasting visuals of laughter and chalky hands caressing shoulders enhance the eerie feel, making the show a potential hit among fans of supernatural dramas.

Barzakh is not just another typical desi drama. The hauntingly beautiful show, with powerful performances from the entire cast, promises a unique viewing experience. Fawad Khan expressed his excitement about the project, highlighting his admiration for Asim Abbasi’s unique direction and character development. He praised the experimental nature of the project and the collaborative effort behind it.

Sanam Saeed also shared her enthusiasm for being part of Barzakh, emphasizing the show's exploration of themes like family, love, loss, and the afterlife. She appreciated the fresh perspective on storytelling and the opportunity to work with Fawad Khan again, alongside other talented actors like Salman Shahid and Sajid Hasan.

The six-episode series also stars M Fawad Khan, Eman Suleman, Khushhal Khan, Faiza Gillani, Anika Zulfikar, and Franco Giusti. Produced by Shailja Kejriwal and Waqas Hasan, with cinematography by Mo Azmi, Barzakh is a collaborative effort of visionary talents in the industry.

Starting July 19, Barzakh will be available on Zindagi’s YouTube and ZEE5, with new episodes released every Tuesday and Friday at 7:30 pm Pakistani Standard Time and 8 pm Indian Standard Time. This haunting tale of love and family promises to captivate audiences with its mystical narrative and stunning visuals.

This hauntingly beautiful drama, with its unique blend of supernatural elements and deep emotional storytelling, is set to captivate audiences. Barzakh invites viewers into a world where love transcends life and death, offering a fresh take on the supernatural genre. With its powerful storytelling and mesmerizing performances, this show is one to watch out for.

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