Baloch Tetrad’s Journey to Islamabad

In the vast and rugged expanse of Balochistan, where the arid landscape often mirrors the challenges faced by its resilient inhabitants, a flame of hope and resilience has been kindled. This flame serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward life, liberty, equality, and justice, the four fundamental principles encapsulated in the Baloch Tetrad.

The Catalyst: Balach Mola Baksh's Poignant Case
The story of Balach Mola Baksh, which reflects the larger historical context of the Baloch struggle, served as a unifying force for the people. The echoing voices of those who uphold the principles of justice and constitutional rights have been a source of inspiration for generations. These voices have once again gained strength and determination in the current march, serving as a powerful testament to the unwavering spirit of the Baloch people in the face of challenges.

The Baloch Tetrad: A Testament of Hope and Resilience
The Baloch Tetrad is a powerful alliance of principles that embodies the core values driving the Baloch struggle. Life, liberty, equality, and justice hold immense significance, resonating deeply with those who have endured years of neglect, shattered promises, and unrealized dreams.

"The Baloch Tetrad's message is clear: life, liberty, equality, and justice are not negotiable; they are the foundations upon which a just society stands."

Challenging the Status Quo: Long March as a Symbol of Hope
The Long March stands as a ray of hope and a potent reminder of the urgent need for genuine transformation in a political environment rife with broken promises and rising human suffering. With national elections approaching, parliamentary forces are facing the realization that their authority over decision-making may not be as absolute as they once thought.

A Break from Traditional Theatrics: Women Took the Lead
Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that this movement diverges from the usual political theatrics. The Baloch Yakjehti Committee is now taking their activism to new heights as they lead the Long March with a strong force of women at the forefront. No longer limited to symbolic gestures, such as wearing Balochi attire for photo ops or expressing solidarity from afar, they are making a powerful statement.

Long March Across Cities
The Long March is a captivating display of public sentiment and unity, garnering immense backing as it passes through cities such as Turbat, Panjgoor, Naal, Khuzdar, Mastung, Quetta, Barkhan, and Kohlu. It is quite remarkable that even in Baloch-populated areas in Punjab, like DG Khan and Taunsa Shareef, there are large-scale demonstrations with thousands of participants

"Every step in the Long March is a declaration—a declaration that life, liberty, equality, and justice are not luxuries but essential rights for the Baloch people.".

Dealing with Opposition and Dismissal
Despite facing opposition, Jan Achakzai, the Caretaker Information Minister of Balochistan, tries to discredit the Long March supporters by labeling them as sympathizers of terrorism. Nevertheless, his statements seem to contradict the ongoing legal proceedings in the High Court, highlighting the importance of a fair and impartial judgment instead of making hasty proclamations.
Skepticism vs. Optimism
There are two different viewpoints when it comes to the potential impact of the Long March. Critics contend that, based on historical precedent, the middle class, being result-oriented, may not yield significant outcomes. However, proponents of a more positive outlook argue that although immediate outcomes may be difficult to achieve, the Long March strengthens the larger Baloch fight for fairness and equal rights, paving the way for long-lasting transformation.

A Symbol of Resilience: Paving the Way to a Lived Reality
Regardless of one's perspective on the potential outcomes, there is a shared understanding of the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, pain, misery, and despair experienced by the Baloch people. The Long March serves as a powerful symbol of resilience and unwavering determination to create a future where the Baloch Tetrad is not just a slogan but a tangible reality. As people eagerly anticipate the return of their loved ones or grieve for those who have been lost, the significance of this march cannot be overstated.


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