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Babar Azam’s Potential Captaincy Comeback Ahead of T20 World Cup

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is reportedly reassessing Babar Azam for the national team captaincy role. This consideration comes after Babar Azam was previously removed from the position last year.

Babar Azam, a star batter and one of the most prolific right-handers in the cricketing world, is said to be weighing the various aspects of the captaincy role. Sources close to the matter have indicated that the PCB has reached out to Azam to discuss the potential offer.

Amidst circulating rumors, it is understood that Azam may engage in discussions with PCB officials before his departure for the ongoing fitness camp in Abbottabad. This move suggests that the PCB is actively seeking a resolution to the captaincy question that has lingered since Azam’s removal.

The backdrop to these discussions is the uncertainty surrounding Shaheen Afridi’s future as the T20I captain. The PCB has stated that a decision regarding Afridi’s captaincy will be made following the conclusion of the fitness camp on April 8.

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi, while addressing the media after the announcement of the selection committee on March 24, remained tight-lipped about the specifics of Shaheen’s future. “Even I don’t know who the captain will be,” Naqvi said. He emphasized the board’s desire for a long-term solution, be it retaining Shaheen or appointing a new captain, and expressed the intention to support the chosen leader consistently.

Babar Azam’s tenure as captain ended in November following a disappointing World Cup campaign. His leadership had come under scrutiny after Pakistan’s underwhelming performance in the Asia Cup and the subsequent World Cup, where they failed to advance to the semi-finals.

Appointed as the white-ball captain in 2019 and as the Test captain in 2020, Babar Azam’s time as leader saw no ICC or Asia Cup titles for the Green Shirts. Despite this, his individual performance has remained exceptional, and his leadership skills have been acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

The PCB’s current deliberations reflect the board’s search for stability and success in the leadership of the national team. With the T20 World Cup looming in June 2024, the decision on the captaincy holds significant weight for the team’s preparations and morale.

As the cricketing community in Pakistan awaits the PCB’s decision, the focus remains on Babar Azam’s potential return to captaincy. His experience and skill set make him a strong candidate for the role, and many fans and experts alike are keen to see if he will once again lead the Pakistani team to new heights.

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