Army to Cultivate 41,000 Acres of Barren Land in South Waziristan

The Pakistan Army has announced its plan to start agriculture farming on 41,000 acres of land in the Zarmalam area of South Waziristan, which has been lying barren for years. The project is expected to enhance the agricultural productivity of the region and promote food self-sufficiency.

According to the Corps Commander, Peshawar, Lieutenant General Sardar Hasan Azhar Hayat, the Army will initially farm on 1,000 acres of land and then gradually expand to 41,000 acres over the next few years. He said the Army has prepared a comprehensive farming plan for the land, which will include crops, fruits, vegetables, and livestock.

The general said the Army was determined to increase agricultural farming in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has vast opportunities for investment in minerals, hydropower, agriculture, and tourism. He said the Army has worked together with the civil government to bring investment in these sectors to the province, which is yielding positive results. He said employment opportunities can be created by providing more facilities for investors.

The general also said the Army believes in reaching out to different communities to bridge the gap between the masses and the armed forces. He said he is meeting students, teachers, scholars, and other sections of society, especially the people of merged districts, to listen to their problems and suggestions.

The Army’s farming plan in South Waziristan is part of its efforts to restore peace and stability in the region, which was once a stronghold of militants. The Army has conducted several operations to clear the area of terrorists and has also undertaken various development projects to improve the infrastructure, education, health, and livelihoods of the local people.

The Army’s farming plan is also in line with the government’s vision of enhancing food security and reducing dependence on imports. The government has allocated over 45,000 acres of land to the Army for a “Corporate Agriculture Farming” project in Punjab earlier this year. The project aims to increase the crop yield and ensure food autarky in the country.

The Army will play a role at the management level to make the project a success story. However, the ownership of the land will continue to stay with the provincial government. The Army will not get any profit or share in the revenue to be generated from corporate agriculture farming.

The Army’s farming plan in South Waziristan has been welcomed by the local people, who hope that it will bring prosperity and development to their area. They also appreciate the Army’s role in maintaining law and order and providing them with basic facilities and services. They have expressed their support and cooperation for the Army’s initiative.

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