Are early birds really better than night owls?

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  • Benefits of being an Early Bird
  • Benefits of being a Night Owl
  • Early bird triumphs Night owl based on health benefits

There are two kinds of people in the world; people who love hearing the birds sing in the morning compared to people who wish they could mute them. Early birds like to wake up earlier and prefer the mornings, whereas night owls like the dark and have more energy at night.

The interesting fact is that night owls and morning birds have their benefits. 

Benefits of being an Early Bird

They can easily adjust to day schedules, are better equipped for long-term productivity and thrive more in traditional corporate settings where the timings are almost always morning to evening.

According to a 2012 research review, morning people are much happier than night owls; they report a higher level of positive emotions. Positive emotions arise easily when your sleep schedule fits and nestles easily into society. They are also said to have lower risks of mental health issues like depression and schizophrenia.

Morning people are far healthier than night owls; with their circadian rhythm very close to the solar cycle, they experience more stable hormonal rhythms, leading to a healthful life. 

Benefits of being a Night Owl

A recent study found that night owls are more creative and intelligent and have more mental stamina than their early bird friends. This could be because of multiple reasons; nighttime alertness, peacefulness at night time, or maybe nighttime productivity allows more random, clear, and divergent thoughts.

 The energy boost at night may be perfect for short-term productivity, not long-term. Since sleep is essential to memory and learning, it may even help creative ideas stick.

 According to a study, night owls have much more alertness levels in the evening than morning people; this is very helpful in situations where a quick response is required. Night owls can sustain their mental alertness longer.

            Night owls have more time for their hobbies and extra time to dedicate to their activities. They have extra time to distress and devote their time to what makes them feel balanced and refreshed. 

Early bird triumphs Night owl based on health benefits

According to studies, sleep is the most fundamental aspect of almost everything, so whether you sleep in the morning or at night does not affect productivity levels. However, morning people do have stronger benefits as compared to night owls because of how their circadian rhythm syncs with the solar cycle and how they show lower levels of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, early birds have won the race. 

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