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According to the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) and the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), Pakistan will serve as the venue for the first-ever APICTA awards ceremony, which will take place this year.

 PA@SHA was the host organization for the APICTA Executive Committee meeting, which took place at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad. Attendees from all 16 member nations were present for the event. The news that Pakistan had won the proposal to host the APICTAs Awards marked a significant turning point for the country’s information technology and information technology services (IT and ITeS) industries. Since its beginning in 2001, the annual APICTA Awards event has been hosted by Australia, Malaysia, China, and Singapore countries at various points during its history. 

The Awards have been a key component in recent years in developing the economies of Pakistan and the region. Successful Pakistani information technology and services businesses have profited enormously from the Awards.

By hosting the APICTA awards, Pakistan may improve its strategic case for the ‘Make in Pakistan’ initiative.

During the five-day event, there will be a gathering of at least 200 participants worldwide. These individuals will come from various backgrounds, including those working in information technology (IT), business owners, politicians, officials from other countries, academics, and students.

The only way to be eligible to participate in the APICTA Awards is to become qualified via award programs managed by an authorized representative of each member economy. P@SHA is the only official entry point for firms, startup founders, and students in Pakistan’s IT and IteS sectors to submit their work for consideration in the annual APICTA Awards. There is a well-established judging procedure in place, and there are also advising judges who can vouch for the legitimacy and openness of the jury’s decisions. If it is discovered that any of the judges have participated in any purposeful irregularities, the judges may be removed from the proceedings.

This platform is a huge step in developing the face of Pakistan in the world arena and showcases the talents buried under the lack of resources.

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