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Abrar-ul-Haq: What do we know about his life?

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  • Early Life
  • Music Career
  • Controversies in his music career
  • Career Apart from Music

Regarding Bhangra in Pakistan, Abrar ul Haq is undisputedly the king. His music has stood the test of time, and no Pakistani wedding reception is complete without some of his bhangra tracks played. He’s one of Pakistan’s top musicians, a prominent politician, and a philanthropist who’s effectively operating a medical facility.

How much do you know about him? Let’s find out!

Early Life

He used to teach geography in Lahore before switching careers to focus on singing. He was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan, while his family came from Narowal, Pakistan. At Sir Syed College in Rawalpindi, he earned his four-year bachelor’s degree. At Islamabad’s Quaid-I-Azam University, he earned a Master’s degree in social science. After that, he became a professor at Aitchison University.

Music Career

With the release of his first album, Billo de Ghar, in 1995, he got his start as a singer. The most well-known tune in that collection was “Billo De Ghar.” With this first album, he gained much attention. In 1998, after the success of his first album, he put out his second album, Majajni. The most recent release by Abrar-ul-Haq, Naara Sadha Ishq any, came out in March 2007.

Controversies in his music career

Nach Punjaban Nach, the second verse of Abrar’s song, was interpreted as a direct attack on all Punjabi women in Pakistan, sparking widespread uproar. Lahore High Court received the lawsuit against Abrar. He went there himself and informed the judge that he would be changing Punjaban to Majajan. He re-recorded it, and the revised version of the song can be found on the second release of his album, Assan Jana Mall-o Mall. Abrar’s latest album included the controversial track “Parmeen.” Some have pointed out that he’s using Parveen, a famous female name in Pakistan, in an unusual context. The Supreme Court of Pakistan heard the case and ordered Abrar to rewrite the song’s lyrics. He pledged to respect the verdict handed down by the judge.

Career Apart from Music

He is a genuine, all-around decent person who isn’t limited to music. The musician successfully runs his hospital. This singing bird is the founder and current chairman of Sahara trust and Sahara Cancer Hospital. The Sahara for Life Trust is a charitable organization dedicated to improving health and education in the Sahara Desert and surrounding areas. He’s a social worker who’s recognized all around the globe for his good deeds. Abrar-ul-Haq recently served as Red Crescent Pakistan’s Chairman. 

Abrar ul Haq was very successful in every endeavor he attempted, making him very loved by his fans. He pursued his dream of being a singer and did far more for society.

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