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A Decade of Cricket Glory for Pakistan

Story Highlights
  • 1992 World Cup
  • 2017 Champions Trophy
  • 2016 Draw against England
  • 2009 Twenty20 World Cup
  • 1986 Austral-Asia Cup

Pakistani cricket supporters have been on an emotional roller coaster unlike any other. The ups and downs experienced by the Men in Green throughout history have solidified their reputation as the most volatile team in the world. 

These are the times when Pakistan overcame incredible odds to cause seismic shifts in the matches.

1992 World Cup

There has never been a more significant World Cup than 1992 for Pakistan. Pakistan, on the verge of elimination, advanced to the quarterfinals due to the deluge. The 1992 World Cup was the most exciting tournament in the sport’s long and distinguished history and included the greatest come-from-behind triumph of that time.

2017 Champions Trophy

A Pakistani victory in the 2017 Champions Trophy was unexpected. A team ranked eighth that just made it into the competition was not expected to win it all. The lopsided defeat didn’t help Pakistan’s case in the opening rounds against India. The Champions Trophy win was Pakistan’s greatest-ever underdog victory. 

2016 Draw against England 

The Pakistani team was doomed after the spot-fixing scandal in 2010. But the disaster was averted thanks to the new captain, Misbahul Haq, who molded the squad in his image. While competing against the greatest in the world, Pakistan built a stronghold in the United Arab Emirates. The 2016 series versus England was the first time the team’s rebuilding efforts paid off in an impressive performance on the international stage. Pakistan played one of the best teams in the world on their home turf, and the series ended in a tie. 

2009 Twenty20 World Cup

Pakistan’s flashy and hard-hitting batsman and bowling attack were excellent prospects to win the first T20I World Cup. The 2007 India-Pakistan final ended in agony for Misbah, who saw India win the cup. On the other hand, Pakistan dominated the field in the second edition in 2009. With significant support from everyone on the team, especially Afridi’s excellent performance, Pakistan won the T20I World Cup for the first time.

1986 Austral-Asia Cup

The animosity between Pakistan and India dates back more than seventy years. Since their rivalry has such deep historical roots, supporters on both sides now expect a win. In the 1986 Austral-Asia Cup Final in Sharjah, Pakistan’s renowned former batsman Javed Miandad stood firm as India swept to victory. On the last pitch, the Men in Green needed four runs to win. With one-six, Miandad forever altered the course of cricket in the nation. When the final ball was hit for six, it was one of the most memorable moments in Pakistani cricket history.

The victories of Pakistan are exemplary, but the matches are not for the fainthearted ones. It requires valor to support the team through thick and thin, and the fans can agree how beautiful these moments have been.

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