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7 Skincare Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Skin In the Longer Run

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Everyone, either a man or a woman, should take care of their skin as diligently as they take care of their physical health. If you are actively taking care of your skin and still getting breakouts and acne, you might be doing the following mistakes. So today we have compiled a list of some skincare mistakes that people do unintentionally and get their skin damaged. Have a look at the following list and get to know what is wrong with your regime.

1 – Using Wrong Cleansers

Cleansers are the first step of a skincare routine. If your face is not clean, no matter how many products you use, it will be useless. Choosing a cleanser based on your skin type is what makes the base of your regime. Using wrong and harsh cleansers can destroy your skin barrier and it will ultimately lead to dehydration and wrinkles. As a rule of thumb, people with oily skin should use foaming cleansers like Cerave foaming cleanser, Neutrogena and Cetaphil oily skin cleanser.

People with dry skin should go for gel formulas in face wash. They don’t require much of a lather as their face is already oil free. Make sure to skip cleansers having sodium laureth sulfate and myristic acid. If a cleanser is making your face dry and rough, you are using the wrong one. Lastly, people with combination skin can go for both gel-based or foam-based cleansers according to the production of oil in their T-zones.

2 – Fragrance in Skincare is a Big No

Ever since creams and lotions are launched, the fragrance is an essential part of these products. But the fact is, fragrance makes a product harmful. It can cause allergic reactions, skin sensitivity, acne, blisters, and itching. People having strong sensory nerves may experience headaches and nausea when exposed to a fragrant product. Fragrance also disrupts the natural skincare barrier and contributes to free radicals in the skin which will accelerate the aging process. So its better to use fragrance-free products, especially in leave-on skincare like lotion, serums, and sunscreen.

3 – Skipping Moisturizer

There is a common myth that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer. We are here to burst this myth. Every skin type whether it is oily, combination, or dry needs a moisturizer. A moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated, and supple. It also prevents transepidermal water loss from your skin. Moisturizing your face and neck daily is the key to youthful and wrinkle-free skin.

4 – Using Dirty Towels

Wiping off your face with dirty towels is an open invitation to germs and bacteria. This will eventually result in painful acne, blisters, and clogged pores. Wash your facial towels twice a week.

5 – Using Expired Products

Keep an eye on the expiry date of your products. Once it is over, throw it away. 

6 – Skipping Your SPF

We cannot emphasize enough how much importance spf holds for your skin. SPF Basically stands for sun protection factor. The world is getting hotter every single day. With global warming and ozone depletion at its peak, there is an increase in UV radiation. These radiations are harmful to human skin.  According to WHO, skin cancer is primarily caused by exposure to the harmful Uv rays coming from the sun. Prolonged exposure to sun rays without any spf can lead to early aging signs including wrinkles, pigmentation, and fine lines. People who do not wear sunscreen on a daily basis are more prone to suffer from skin diseases as compared to those who wear it daily,  Lastly, all your skin care is useless if you don’t wear sunscreen.

7 – Using Too Many Products

Remember the basic steps of skincare are cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen. This basic routine is enough to keep your skin healthy. However, you can add a serum to target a specific problem like using niacinamide serum. Avoid using too many products in a skincare regime because less is more. Stick to the basics and you are good to go.

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