5 Popular Pakistani Dramas with Questionable Content

Story Highlights
  • Ishq - e - Laa
  • Pyaar Deewangi Hai
  • Mere Paas Tum Ho
  • Khuda or Muhabbat 3
  • Badzaat

Over the last several years, several popular Pakistani dramas have been monotonous and worthless. The weak narratives of these plays aren’t the only thing that frequently leaves audiences in disbelief; it’s also the lackluster performances of the actors on stage.

Here is the list of dramas that had questionable content:

Ishq – e – Laa

The drama was sluggish, depressing, monotonous, and badly cut; the characters were the worst letdown. Shanaya’s bravery wasn’t always supported by logic; Azka sobbed too often for someone who was meant to be “tough,” Azlan gave off the vibe of a lost soul, even when he started making progress. The drama’s “religious aspect” was not well woven into the story. While there were numerous problems with Ishq e Laa, the film’s shallow screenplay and excessive focus on graphics were particularly egregious examples.

Pyaar Deewangi Hai

Symptoms of mental illness are depicted as usual in these shows. Rabi’s deewangi and Dawood’s odd stalker behavior are portrayed in the play as love. Even an accomplished actor like Sami Khan seems out of place in the role of Dawood, while the performances of Neelam Munir and Shuja Asad make you grimace. 

We can’t say we blame him all that much since even Neelam Munir and Sami Khan are having trouble appearing and acting naturally in this drama, proving that a lousy screenplay can bring out the worst in even the greatest of actors.

Mere Paas Tum Ho

The fact that Mere Pass Tum Ho puts women in the role of money-grubbing con artists raises severe ethical problems at a time and in a society where there is an increase in violence against women. Ayeza Khan was harassed at an airport by several Pakistani guys who yelled “dou take ki aurat” at her. These men seemed so affected by the situation that they took their anger out on Ayeza Khan.

Khuda or Muhabbat 3

There is zero character growth, plot development, narrative development, and soulfulness. The characters are both simplistic and devoid of any layered depth. It’s amusing how the director made a great issue because the smaller characters fell prey to Farhad’s charm, yet the viewer still has no idea what motivates Farhad.


If you were forced to choose just one way to describe Badzaat, the phrase “toxicity personified” would be the one to choose. The Pakistani television drama Badzaat avoids controversial subjects, including rape, domestic abuse, extortion, illegal drugs, and gun violence. Those looking forward to seeing Urwa Hocane and Imran Ashraf perform together in Badzaat were likely disappointed. Bia’s decision to conceal the details of Daniyal’s sexual assault on her until the day she passed away was another horrific aspect of the situation. 

As a result, the level of success that a drama achieves is of far less significance than the content that it contains. The writers responsible for creating these dramas sometimes relied on worn-out cliches or lacked the depth necessary to maintain a plot over a lengthy series. Pakistan needs to rejuvenate its scripts and content to provide something worth watching.

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